Yard Guy 2013

Normally, my reaquaintance with Yard Guy takes place in March, but this March was exceptionally rainy, so here it is toward the end of April.  He did come once in March.  He mowed the front yard (which means I’ve spent a month slogging through unknown weeds in the back yard to get to the picnic table).  And he killed off the vine from hell that was strangling my bamboo.

But I sense a change this year.  It used to be that when he was done with the yard, he would sit down with me at the picnic table, maybe have a beer, and chat.  Now he doesn’t have time for that.  In March he told me that his “regular” job was slow, so now I think what used to be his “side” job is his “main” job.  He has three other yards to do after mine.

He told me that the last customer he saw keeps asking him to do extra stuff, so it took him longer than he expected.  But, he said, she pays me for it.  (Ouch.  Does that include killing the vine from hell?  I need to wonder if this is a hint.) But you have to admire him.  Last year, he bought a riding lawnmower which makes quick work of things…except he can’t get it through my gate to the back yard, so he has to use his push mower and Weedeater.

But all that said, this guy is probably the very best example of capitalism at work.  He has shifted gears, and now works for himself.  He’s good at what he does, and he isn’t afraid of hard work and long hours.  I’m not sure he has learned yet how to value his skills.  But he is in one of the three businesses in Florida that you have to be an idiot to screw up:  Lawn/landscape maintenance, pool maintenance, and pest control.

I wish him well, but I’m gonna miss those occasional beers at the picnic table.

4 responses to “Yard Guy 2013

  1. It’s early days yet for this year, maybe he’ll still stop and have a beer on other occasions over the summer!

  2. I hope so, Vanessa!

  3. I mowed my lawn on April 2 and will mow it either next weekend or the following Tuesday (now that I don’t work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can do all sorts of things on those days). I’m thinking of wiping out the front lawn and then figuring out some “desert” style “landscaping” which will have almost nothing growing so I don’t have to mow anymore.

  4. I don’t blame you with your front yard! It’s so steep. You can do some really beautiful things with xeriscaping. I don’t much like grass myself. .

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