Toko the Baby Cat

After 10 days, Toko is starting to look and act more like a miniature cat, as opposed to the clumsy cartoon version of a kitten.   My guess is that he weighs about 1 1/2 pounds now.  His body is longer, and he’s more coordinated.  He is starting to exhibit cat instincts, such as, he just ate a bug.  What a joyful occasion that was.

When I’m home, he sleeps in my purse.  When he’s awake, he is either eating or playing like a maniac.  A maniac on drugs.  He’s learned to be patient and lie in wait for something in motion to pass by.  Such as, my feet.  When I get close enough, he leaps in the air at least a foot.  This is pouncing behavior, and he’s learned the part about leaping up in the air, just not the part about landing on the target.

Food is currently an issue.  I’ve been feeding him dry food moistened with a bit of a product called Catmilk, made by Whiskas.  It’s essentially a substitute for cat mother’s milk.  It’s 98% lactose free, and lactose is the problem cats have with cow’s milk.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided I would start to wean him off that, and bought him canned cat food to mix with his dry food.  He did not seem to recognize it as food.  I’m amazed.  What part of salmon flavored stuff mixed with real (!) tuna flakes do you not understand?  And what part of some little beetle-looking thing looks tastier?

He may not have recognized it as food, but the other cat certainly did.  To his 1 1/2 pounds, she weighs 15 and advanced on him and his food bowl like Godzilla.  Followed closely by the dog, whose motto is, if she can eat it, I can steal it.  Eventually, we have to come up with a new operational feeding plan around here.  At the moment, Toko isn’t big enough to protect himself or his food, so I have to hang around and guard him while he eats.  This is very annoying, because I could be wasting my time in so many other important ways.

Toko is a Mackerel tabby, the most common kind, and I like that.  The patterns on their coats are unique, like zebra stripes.  Fakesister said, they named a cat type after a fish? Allegedly, it’s because the stripes on the body look like fish bones, and they have a pattern of stripes on their foreheads that look like the letter “M”.

Here is a link to all you ever wanted to know about tabby cats.






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