Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

It has occurred to me recently that we humans are obsessed with hair–what color it is, how long it is, and whether we have any or not. (I threw in that last part for the men in the audience.)
Exactly what is up with that? Who cares? What difference does it make?
For ages, I’ve known women who keep their hair long, even though, in my opinion, it looks like complete crap, because their men like it that way. Well, here’s my question: why? And why would you do it anyway for that reason? Long hair is really hard to take care of, and men don’t have to trouble themselves with the issue of taking care of it.
Recently I went to see a doctor who asked me how long my hair had been short. Obviously this had nothing to do with the problem at hand, but was his way of breaking the ice apparently. This particular doctor not being big on social skills. I sort of felt sorry for him, that this was the best he could do in an attempt to bond. I bet he was really good at algebra and chemistry.
He shared that his wife was considering cutting her hair and he didn’t know how he felt about that. I told him he would get over it. (I was pretty good at algebra.)
The answer to his question was that I cut my hair short 40 years ago, when I had long blonde hair and I’ve never looked back or even contemplated growing it long again.
Now for color. My hair was blonde for ages but as I’ve gotten older, it’s darkened and I would now call it “light brown”. You could call it ash blonde I suppose, but I consider that mincing words.
But here’s the deal: I’m 64 years old and have never had a gray hair, which is without a doubt thanks to my Irish grandmother. In her youth, she had carrot red hair which only faded to blonde as she got older. She died in her early 90’s, with blonde hair. Genetics is a very weird thing.
I am inordinately grateful for not having gray hair, because then I would have to make a decision. Color it, or go with the flow?
For the men in the audience, we women don’t care whether you have hair or not. We don’t like you for your hair. Try to return the favor. It’s the Age of Aquarius.


10 responses to “Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

  1. I prefer shorter (not past the lower back of neck) hair on women. Susie’s used to be very long and curly, down to about mid-back. At my urging, she got the shorter cut you that you know.

  2. Really? I can’t even imagine Susie with long curly hair. When I met Susie she had what I think of as a Veronica Lake hairstyle, though that isn’t exactly the right description. Then the last photo I saw of her, her hair was shorter than that and I thought she looked marvelous and crisp and stylish. Again, though, how weird is it that we attach so much importance to hair? And obviously, I do it too. I can’t help myself.


    Lest we forget, hair has often been at the center of our universe.

  4. Hair was a terrible play and the song itself was abysmal. The play came out in 1967 I think, and finally made it to Memphis in maybe 1971. At the end of the play, the cast invites the audience onto the stage and my roommate and I went up and joined in to my enduring embarrassment. Like 60 seconds after it was over I was saying to myself, I hope no one recognized me.

  5. lol it’s probably on you tube somewhere.

  6. Ha! That’s makes my post even funnier now that I read yours! It’s an interesting question about having hair a certain way to please the man in our life. My man prefers longish straight hair, and so I mostly keep it that way, not because I’m a repressed female who has to fit in with what my man wants, but because I get pleasure out of looking the way he likes – it’s not a big deal though, if I wanted to go short again he’d be quite happy and wouldn’t make a fuss or anything, it’s just a preference not an instruction from him! It works both ways too, I like him with a bit of stubble growing on his chin, and so he keeps it that way because he knows I like it, but again, if he decided to go back to being clean shaven, then that’s ok. We like to please each other, so we’ll do little things that we know please the other, but only if we’re comfortable with it ourselves. Does that make sense?

  7. Ha, Vanessa, you have me giggling since it reminds me of the quote “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. But don’t worry, I know you aren’t a mouse, and pleasing one another even in small things (if hair can be said to be a small thing!) is essential to a relationship.
    That 40 years ago or so that I cut my hair short was just after a breakup. He had never expressed a preference one way or the other, but I just wanted to look different from the way I looked when I was with him, speaking of whether or not things make sense.
    I walked into the shop where I always got my hair cared for and told them I wanted to cut it all off, and they were petrified. The owner, who normally took care of me and my all-important hair, was off that day, so they called her on the phone and asked if it was okay to do it. She said I could be trusted not to make a fuss and to go ahead. Until then, I never knew that some people actually sue hairdressers and salons after having buyer’s remorse. You know, “You did it wrong”, “I didn’t mean for you to cut it THAT short”, etc.

  8. Oh, and pt, this was pre-Internet and I don’t remember seeing any cameras, with photos that could be scanned and posted to YouTube later, but thanks a lot for one more thing to worry about lol.

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