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Getting Old(er)

I am not going gently into that good night.  Getting older just pisses me off.  So mostly, I just ignore it.I know there is no turning back.  That is a foolish fantasy, but I’m having trouble “accepting” what it really means.

Case in point:  Exactly a month ago, I sprained my left knee.  It still hurts.  Once I’m up and either sitting or standing, it starts to swell, and so does my ankle.  Lesson One:  you don’t heal as well or as fast.

I should go back to the doctor, but what for?  It will mean an MRI or CT scan that I can’t afford (even though I have insurance which will pay for most of either.)  So then you start to do that weighing thing:  on one hand…and on the other hand…So, do I want to do this (no) or do I want to have trouble walking forever (no).  Great choice. No versus no.

I don’t want to take any more medications.  I take two for high blood pressure already (take the pills, or have a stroke).  Okay…that was easy.  I take one, once a week, for osteoporosis, and that REALLY pisses me off.  Why do I have osteoporosis?  For one thing, I am the queen of dairy, not to be confused with the restaurant of the same name.  I drink milk with every meal.  I eat ice cream and cheese like it was going out of style.  But…that’s only since I was 17, when it was probably too late.  And I seem to have some problem absorbing Vitamin D, which is critical to your ability to absorb calcium.  Plus, I had radiation therapy, which leaches calcium.

So what are you gonna do?  Answer:  take the drug.

What I would like is the magical nystery pill.  Not one that promises to make me younger, but one that makes me happier about getting older.  Or smaller or larger.