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Sign Me Up

It’s amazing to me how much trouble I can get myself into just by commenting on a blog on my hometown newspaper, the Tallahassee Democrat.  Wait…hang on.  I seem to have misplaced my membership card in the American Communist Party.  Okay, whew.  There it was in my wallet, between my driver’s license and my voter registration card.  For those of you who don’t really know me, let me take all the fun out of this and say:  I’m kidding.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Communist Party, Mr. McCarthy. 

As a known liberal…oh wait.  I have to go look for my ID card.  Okay, can’t find it…you will just have to take my word for it. 

On the Democrat there is a lively and outraged discussion going on about the fact that Bill Ayers is about to come speak at Florida State University.  Protest! , they urge!  Don’t give FSU any money!  I must admit that I enjoy seeing people on the “other side” reduced to such tactics.  It is so totally comforting  to see these people be in the minority. 

So today, one of the wacko conspiracy theorist people (which is about all that’s left on the TD) said that I apparently must harbor secret sympathies with Bill Ayers.  Maybe that’s because I said it was okay with me if he spoke at FSU.  I guess he missed the part where I said I agree that Ayers was a terrorist, that he is unrepentant and in denial, and that I think he is a despicable person. 

Well, you know how it is.  Once a liberal, always a liberal.  Meanwhile, if you find my Liberal ID card, would you please mail it back to me?  Otherwise, I’ll have to sign up all over again.

Live Football Blog

Shhh.  Don’t tell anybody, but I don’t like sports.  It isn’t that I hate sports, I’m just not interested.  However, today, I’m watching my obligatory semi-annual football game.  (Semi-annual:  at least one college game, plus the Superbowl.)

I do have to at least pretend, to an extent, because I live in Tallahassee.  I think that if you live here and admit you aren’t interested in football, they make you move somewhere else.  So today I’m watching the Florida/Florida State game.  It’s pouring down rain, and that can’t be good, especially for the team that’s worse–namely, Florida State.  Florida State may be counting on the weather being a problem for Florida. On the other hand, if the weather was better, Florida State could be losing faster. 

Still, the thing I do like about sports is the human dimension.  (Shhh, don’t tell anybody.) You have a guy like Tim Tebow playing, Heisman Trophy winner and seemingly all-around nice guy.  Watching him makes me think of back in the day when I used to love watching Joe Montana.  Not quite the same…watching Montana was like watching ballet.  Tebow is more of a power player.  On the FSU side, you have Myron Rolle.  A handsome but big scary-looking guy who last week was named a Rhodes scholar.  All you people with negative attitudes about athletes…go eat dirt. 

Now so far it seems to me that one of the announcers is highly prejudiced toward Florida.  That’s fine, but don’t be so obvious.  I don’t know if it was him who said it or not, but so far, the best quote of the first half was referring to the Florida RB Demps:  “He’s faster than a rabbit in love.”

Stay tuned for observations from the second half.