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Device Fatigue

I think I’ve posted about this before, but it’s time for a new rant!  I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier.  Instead, I feel enslaved by it.  But I don’t know what to do about it.  In some ways it does make my life easier.  In some ways, it wouldn’t matter how I felt about it…I have no choice but to use it.  So here are a few of my complaints.

Hey!  There’s a new model out!  I will specifically rant here about Microsoft.  Because Windows 8 just came out.  Oh nooooo.  That means that very soon, Windows 7 will be obsolete.  I am barely used to Windows 7, and hate it.  No telling what fresh hell Windows 8 has in store for us.  All in the name of “helping” us.  Microsoft is the only tech company I know of that forces you to buy its new product by withdrawing “support” for its older models.

Amazon just came out with the new Kindle Fire HD.  At first they said they would no longer sell the original, but apparently they re-thought that strategy.  Not only will they still sell it, but they dropped the price by $40 to $159.  My original Fire is not quite a year old.  (That must be one of the fastest beta tests in tech history).  Allegedly, the HD improves on the original in some ways, but not enough to make me want one.  Or “have” to have one. People with iphones kill me.  Every time a new one comes out, they gotta have it.  But what Amazon did NOT do is threaten to withdraw support from the original.  So ask me whether or not I like Amazon better than Microsoft.

I need to be charged!  Something I have always needs charging.  This is the prime example of my having to serve these things rather than the other way around.  And the devices give you messages.  The Kindle is very polite.  It suddenly vibrates (very startling sensation) and a message pops up that says “15% battery power remaining.  Continue reading?”  My smart phone (NOT an iPhone!) says, “Connect your charger NOW”.  It’s so rude.  If you don’t heed its orders, it will promptly turn itself off.  At least the Kindle gives you some lead time to wrap up whatever you’re doing.

Lessee.  I have a smart phone, a Bluetooth, a digital camera, and a Kindle.  Which is probably fewer than some people.  Although they don’t need to be charged, I have 3 computers at work and one at home.  And the charging indicators vary.  The cell phone has no lights.  You just have to keep peeking at the screen to see whether it’s done or not.  When it is, it says, “Disconnect from charger now to save energy”.  I told you it was rude.  Thank you, cell phone, but I don’t need your help to be environmentally conscious.  The Bluetooth has a light that turns from red to green when charged.  Except that when you first plug it in, the light is green for about 10 seconds first, then it turns red.  Totally confusing.  Are you dead, or not?  The camera has a red light that comes on when you plug it up, then it goes out when it’s charged.  Speaking of confusing.  The Kindle is the most sensible.  It has a red light that comes on when it first charges, and a green light when it’s done.  And no rude messages.  It doesn’t say, I’m through, you dummy.  I think I’m smart enough to grasp the symbolism, from learning to drive.  Red means stop.  Green means go.

Passwords. I am overwhelmed by passwords.  I don’t have one on the cell (though I could) or the Kindle (not sure I could) and the camera and the Bluetooth don’t give you that option.  But of the four computers I use, there is a different password for every one.  Not to mention that every program I use has another password.  If I died and had an autopsy, all they would find in my brain is…passwords. For me, it’s like a game of chicken, to see how long I can remember all these passwords.  So far, so good.  But I’m pushing my luck.  I need one of those password saving programs, except I would have to have a password for it.

People I know are afraid of technology, particularly how it will be in the future.  We will be able to have brain implants connected to our optic nerves.  Glasses like the ones Google is already making. Cars that drive themselves.  Personally, I don’t think it can come soon enough.  Unless you have to use passwords.  Maybe with the brain implants you can just think the password.