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Sunday Afternoon at the Liquor Store

So I went to buy a bottle of wine, as I often do on Sunday, and the smart-ass young kid at the counter said, “Be sure to hold the bag by the bottom.”  As they always say.  And I know what they mean, having been a victim of the bottle of wine falling out of the bottom of the bag and smashing to smithereens in my driveway.  When I went back to complain, they said they couldn’t help me.  Carry at your own risk. 

Today I was apparently in a more combative mood than usual, so I said in reply, No offense, but you guys use the flimsiest bags on the planet.  Smart-ass guy said, we know that, but our bag supplier is the only one available.  Um, no, I said, ever hear of the Internet?  (Speaking of being a smart-ass.)

So Smart-ass guy says, we know…but if we bought from someone else, then we wouldn’t be supporting local business.  And if I said, if local business can’t give you what you need, then that’s their problem, not yours.  He must be related to the cheapskate owner. 

If they got a supplier of sturdy bags, then their employees would not have to constantly tell people to beware.  Not that I’m sure it matters, since they accept no liability. 

I find myself, in this case, defending the advantages of globalization.